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at last, i post something
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh waridhwan.
Bismillah & alhamdulillah that I have this opportunity and time to post something on my blog. It takes me forever to post on my blog. It's not because of tsunami or flood or bad crisis happen to me but it's because of my over-limit-of-laziness and I'm not always in any mood to post on my blog. I skipped 2013, no no no please don't think like "she's fly off to the sky in 2013 and back to earth in 2014" or "she dead last year and wait she's alive this year?!" no what I mean is I post nothing last year. And now I'm back and gonna share lots of things to you. Say YAAAAAAAY!

I'll summarise what I'd done thru these couple months (January & February) and my early March. First thing first, alhamdulillah Allah gave me strength and spirit to continue and be as His slave and you know what I'd past 2 months perfectly (kot) ok here we go!

  • Start looking forward and loading my guns for SPM (cewah cewah spm gitu)
  • Nothing much happened, just my schoolmates and I attend seminars and pretend like we're cool in front of those students. Ingat lagi waktu attend seminar add math, kami pakat pakat jawab budak sekolah lain pandang macam nak telan kami. Helemek, kesah lmao.
  • Oh yes, birthday wish to my one only Kak Una. Happy 19th born day!

  • Lots of tiring and stressful things happened such as: latihan merentas desa, exam, seminars.
  • Latihan merentas desa just made my mind and body became tired like I just finished menuai tjose padi ha but somehow it's memorable. Bukan lari pun, duk sembang dengan Ummi, Nazira, Afifa dengan Kimah ja. Konon ja penat hehehehe
  • Annnnnnnnd the exam week is totally drove me crazy, you know how's the feeeeeeling taking 4 papers in a day like weh penat web kepala weh nak baca nak hafal weh paham tak weh lol  

  •  We (my schoolmates and I) started our March with Hari Koperasi dan Pengguna!!!!! It's just the most memorable, excitement and fun moment. I swear! Even-tough penat nok mati, stress bukan kepalang tapi semangat dia, seronok dia macam duk dalam syurga (cewah) 
  • Kejohanan Merentas Desa pula, not bad. I ran, I jogged, I walked. Pastu sembang dengan Zawana, Afifa dengan Dayah.
  • Aha, congratulations to my most annoying girl, Dyny for winning a 4th place. Alah 4th place pun, bermakna ok, merentas desa tu. 
  • Second birthday wish to my favourite baby, Justin. Lapchu.
Some of Hari Pengguna dan Koperasi's selfies:

thank u for everything

i love u guys, a lot

p/s: Thank you, my Dyny for wasting your 5 hours to help me editing my blog. Saranghae ammah!
p/s: And thank you Iqbal for lending me your handphone!!

May our day full of bless,
lots of love,
Nis Pia

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